Words are poweful and the words we say out loud even more so....I am a domestic violence survivor, not a victim, never a victim. 

When I embarked on a life free from abuse back in 2014, a core part of my work became sharing my story. It started small, with groups of women at domestic violence shelters or lunch meetings at local nonprofits. It wasn’t long before organizations of all sizes started engaging me to bring the same deep, meaningful, inspiring and, I'll admit at times, hilarious conversations I was having with those small groups to larger audiences. Now, I've spoken at events large and small all over the country, and the impact has been profound. 

My story illustrates the profound power of connection and lends a voice to all those who have experienced domestic violence in their lives. Domestic violence survivors often live their lives in silence, but I believe firmly that to change the world, we’ve got to speak up — starting now.


Hannah Kay understands that we all have a drive to do something good, and she’ll leave your audience with the inspiration and the tactics you need to change the world, in ways big and small. 


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