December 29, 2019

With 2020 less than one week away, I have been reflecting a lot on the past 12 months, the highs and lows and all of the moments in between. Even though some of those times were stressful and frustrating, feeling blessed is an understatement; I remain grateful for my personal and professional accomplishments and the new friends and colleagues I have met along the way in 2019.  

To me, a new year represents new beginnings and fresh and positive starts. Letting go of the past is important as long as you are kind to yourself and able to learn from both the good and the bad.  

In the spirit of entering a new decade, I am reading “Power Your Happy” by Lisa Sugar. This book ties in well with my hopes and dreams for 2020— to make sure every second counts and to see opportunity in every situation while treating challenges as a chance to overcome my fears.  

In 2020, it is exciting to know that we will have 366 days (yes, next year is a Leap Year!) to love and honor ourselves, our emotions and our experiences.  

What do you plan on doing in the New Year that will be different than 2019 and will allow you to say yes to yourself and feelings?

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