February 10, 2020

Words are powerful and compelling! The words we say out loud carry momentum and strength and more importantly, they affect the actions of others. That is why I now share my personal journey publicly. I have spoken at conferences and addressed companies and organizations to eliminate the stigma surrounding domestic violence and to empower women and men to change the world. It is the confidence that I strive to instill in domestic violence survivors that will change their lives, and I want to use my story to show how something meant to harm can birth something so good.  

Is it easy to stand on a stage and tell my story to hundreds of people? No, not always. Sometimes, tears roll down my face, and occasionally, I appear “too happy.” (Yes, I’ve been given that feedback by others. But, don’t I deserve to be happy?) Sometimes, I lose my voice and take a sip of water only to have it spill all over myself (Thankfully, I’ve learned to laugh it off).  

I'm sharing these experiences to highlight that emotions are real. I’m not a robot. I am speaking the truth. There are days that it takes everything in me to get off my couch, but there are also days in which I feel like I’m on top of the world. No matter what, I will never stop sharing my story to help others.  

Is there somewhere you would like me to speak? Let me know by filling out the contact form on my website!

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