February 27, 2020

Some people arrive and make such an impact on your life, you can barely remember what life was like without them.  

When I chose to attend the University of Georgia, I didn’t know anyone. I met Amanda during Freshmen Orientation. We were all a little nervous preparing for college life and I didn’t get her contact information. When we moved into the dorm, we were excited to be living on the same hall! We became fast friends.  

She always made sure that I was included. She invited me to a party with her friends, which is where I met my now ex-husband. Her family lived nearby and always treated me like one of their own. No birthday was complete without wearing the sombrero at Frontera!  

After graduation I moved to DC and she moved to Baltimore. We saw each other often, traveling between the two cities. She took time off work to come stay with me and comfort me while I was going through my divorce. I feel so lucky that we are both living in Charlotte now!  

I will always celebrate her every chance I get, but in-person is the best! Happy Birthday, Amanda!! Hope your birthday is as amazing as you! Loves!!!

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