January 14, 2020

There was a time in which I would have run to take cover to get out of the rain. I certainly would have never posted a photo online of myself drenched in rain - highlight reel only. But, the truth is that you cannot have a rainbow without some rain!  

January 14 was the day I said, “I do” to my ex-husband. After our divorce, it was a day that I would always wonder what if... What if things would have been different? What if people (other than my close friends and family members) find out about the abuse?; What if I never find love?...  

Fast forward to three years ago: On January 14, 2017, Jim sent me the first message online. Yes, we met online! Our first date was Taco Tuesday, and we have been inseparable ever since.  

He encourages me to follow my dreams and to share my story to help others. He helps me flip the script when I say something is a disaster to say it is an adventure. And instead of taking cover, he stands by my side and takes my hand as we dance in puddles together.  

Today is (Taco) Tuesday, January 14, and it is raining in Charlotte. I am no longer asking what if because I now understand I had to get through the rain storm to see the rainbow. More importantly, I discovered when you love yourself first, everything will fall into line.

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