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What was behind a $24 million turnaround for the Southeast Georgia Health System?

Global Leadership Teams & Executives Rocking the Kashbox with Hannah Kay

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Hannah Kay Herdlinger


Hannah Kay Herdlinger covers the importance of attitudes in and out of the workplace and how their impact helps obtain desired results.

It can be delivered via keynote, breakout session, or both, covering the most critical behaviors for efficient and effective leadership.

The content will demonstrate the importance of attitudes that drive and control the positive behaviors desired in influential leadership.

Hannah Kay understands that we all have a drive to do something good. She’ll leave your audience with the inspiration and tactics you need to change the world in big and small ways.

Rock The Kashbox: Critical Behaviors of Leaders in Healthcare

Audience Takeaways


K-A-S-H: Knowledge, Attitude, Skills, Habits

Most organizations and individuals spend lots of time and money developing the success factors on the left side of the box (knowledge and skills). But if they ignore the key factors on the right side (attitude and habits), they don’t get the payoff they desire.

Why? Because knowledge and skills, although essential for success, aren’t sufficient by themselves. Knowledge and skills must be coupled with positive attitudes and habits in order to bring about productive change. Success is a habit practiced every minute of every day.

More individuals and businesses fail and more employees are terminated because of poor attitudes and sloppy work habits than because of lack of knowledge and skills.

People grow and succeed when they are empowered and motivated by passion, perseverance, commitment, and other positive attitudes. On the other hand, people with negative attitudes resist the changes that lead to growth.

Success does not depend on how much knowledge you have, but rather how you apply that knowledge. Accomplishment is not the result of what you are able to do but of what you decide to do.

If you want to increase your success and maximize your potential, you must develop both sides of the Kashbox. If you tap into this resource, you and your company could succeed beyond your wildest dreams!



Healing a Hospital

Hospitals, like other businesses, can get sick.

In 2001, the Southeast Georgia Health System was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. It was losing more than $13 million per year.

Just twelve months later, the hospital emerged from intensive care earning annual profits of over $11 million!

What was behind this amazing $24 million turnaround?

Healing a Hospital is a thrilling and informative account of how strong healthcare leadership and sound management enabled Southeast Georgia Health Systems to recover from the critical list and become the best large hospital in the state of Georgia!

Hannah Kay is ebullient and inspiring. Grace Isford, President Women in Business, Stanford University

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